Dancing make her powerful!

Created: Dec 06, 2017 (7:16PM)

Mahkila Cooke, 16 years-old, has been studying dance at HSA with a full scholarship for 5 years.

She doesn't just love attending class, when Mahkile needs someone to talk to or a space to clear her head, HSA is like her second home.

"Dancing makes me feel powerful because I feel I can make a difference. There aren't many African-American ballerinas in the ballet world nowadays, and knowing through hard work and dedication I can be one, makes me feel so powerful. I can break boundaries and let other African American girls know it is possible because representation matters"

Harlem School of the Arts serves close to 3,000 students and 5,000 families every year. Over 40% receive scholarships, financial aid, and free art access in schools. However, each year we have to turn down close to 45% of families who qualify for financial assistance due to a lack of funds.

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